PARTS Low Cost Proximity Sensor Board: Parts List

Here is the parts list for the sensor board. Not all of the Mark II kits include both the vector miniwrap terminals and the T1 LED standoffs / spacers (sorry). These optional parts are meant to provide an alternate way to attach the IR LEDs to the circuit board without having to bend the leads severely, thus reducing lead breakage.

If your kit included the miniwrap terminals, but did not include the LED standoffs, that's ok -- you can either use the miniwrap terminals by themselves, or don't use them and bend the LED leads instead.

Qty Description Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Vendor 3 Approx price
Basic Stamp Chipset
1 sensor PCB PARTS*     $4.47
2 Sharp IS471F detectors Future Active     $6.70
2 IR LEDs, 50 mA, 940 nm, +/- 20 degree beam DigiKey 67-1000-ND T1 LED DigiKey 67-1001-ND T1-3/4 LED RadioShack 276-143, T1-3/4, high-output infrared LED $0.50
1 green LED DigiKey HLMP-1719QT-ND     $0.18
1 amber LED DigiKey HLMP-1790QT-ND     $0.18
1 1 uF bypass capacitor, 2.5mm lead spacing DigiKey BC1151CT-ND     $0.47
2 1K ohm, 1/8 watt resistors DigiKey 1.0KEBK-ND     $0.28
2 120 ohm, 1/4 watt resistors DigiKey 120QBK-ND     $0.28
2 0.5" lengths of 1/8" diameter heatshrink     Norvac Electronics  
Optional Parts
2 0 ohm, 1/8 watt resistors DigiKey 0.0EBK-ND     $0.28
4 vector miniwrap terminals, style T44 DigiKey V1071-ND     100 for $9.04
2 T1 LED spacers, 0.5" DigiKey RP502-ND     10 for $3.75

Prices do not include shipping and handling and are only estimated street prices.


The green and amber LEDs specified are special low current LEDs, so that's why 1K resistors are used. If you substitute regular LEDs, then you'll need to replace the 1K ohm resistors with 330 ohm resistors.

The 0 ohm resistor is just a convenient and safe way of jumpering R1 and R2, which are otherwise not used. You can also use short lengths of wire, but beware that on the first runs of this board, there is no solder mask, so the jumper for R1 must be put on the bottom of the board.