PARTS BotFest '08 Lego Sumo Robot Rules

Lego Sumo rules are based on those used for official Lego contests.

All MINDSTORMS NXT Sumo robots must be constructed of 100% unmodified LEGO parts (no gluing, cutting, melting, or other modification or modified pieces are allowed). This rule applies to sensors and motors as well. There is no limit on the amount of LEGO, MINDSTORMS NXT sensors, motors, NXT programmable bricks, HiTechnic sensors, or Bluetooth communication. No home brewed sensors allowed.

All robots must fit within a 1’ by 1’ square frame (although they can have any flat orientation within that frame; in other words, the front of the robot could be diagonal within the frame if the rest of it fits in a 1’ by 1’ square frame).

A LEGO MINDSTORMS brick (NXT) must be onboard the robot.

There is no height limit.

Robot weight is not to exceed two (2) pounds.

All other rules are defined in the PARTS Sumo rulebook using the Mini Sumo ring.