Minutes of the PARTS meeting on April 27th, 2002 (May Meeting)

Pete Skeggs, PARTS President, opened the meeting by reminding everyone that the Seattle Robotics Society’s Robothon will be held next Saturday at the Seattle Center, and urged everyone to attend. He then reminded everyone that the PARTS PDXBOT.02 was scheduled for May 19th at the Smith Center Ballroom, and indicated that numerous positions still needed to be filled. He passed a signup sheet through the attendees, and described the positions that needed to be filled: line-following judge, floor exercise judge, set-up assistance, staging area, bullpen, backup scorekeeper, PARTS table, technology demonstration, people counters, cleanup.

Here’s the tentative event schedule, subject to change:

Doors open for setup
Registration begins
Opening announcements by Pete
Begin preliminary competitions of mini- and micro-sumo
End preliminary competitions of mini- and micro-sumo
First Lego League demonstration –OR- Jim Wright talk about Japan-class sumo
PSU walking robot demonstration
Mark Medonis talk about animatronics
Floor exercise
Line following (beginner class)
Line following (advanced class)
Mini- and micro-sumo final competitions
Awards ceremony
Cleanup starts
Everyone out

We had a discussion about the rules for line following. Pete explained that in both the beginner and advanced classes there will be two robots competing concurrently. Overall standings will be based on time alone; there will not be double-elimination, as in the sumo events. Attendees of the meeting agreed with this arrangement by a show of hands. The advanced line following course will differ from the beginner course in the following ways: 1) line width of 1/4-inch instead of 3/4-inch, 2) ramps, 3) sensors that lower gates that the robot must not touch, 4) line discontinuities, 5) variable line width, 6) lines that cross themselves. Larry indicated that unmodified Mark III robots probably would not be able to complete the advanced course.

The PDXBOT.02 robotics competition will be May 19, 2002 at the Smith Center Ballroom on the PSU campus.

The next PARTS meeting will be Saturday, June 1st.