Monty Goodson started the meeting by mentioning that October is a busy month for robotics that RoboNexus is next weekend, wed site is http://www.ROBONEXUS.COM, along with Robothon that has a Robo-Megellan contest in Seattle, and DARPA Grand Challenge.  .  Also this month space elevator challenge on the 21st at Mountain View California go to for more information.

He then showed DARPA challenge vehicles being tested and going through a practice course. One of the vehicles was two-wheeled motorcycle.  Go to for more information.  He then talked about the PYRO a robotics simulator that you can get from that is a CD that boots Linux and then is a robotics simulator that after simulating can then download to different robots.  He then brought up the subject of the PDXBOX for next year.  He then went into Show and tell.

Daryl showed his Robo-Megellan that has a compass, camera, and encoder. He is going to measure distances and uses a compass on stand to get the same surface angle of the compass reading on the robot.

Larry showed his Robo-Megellan with Garman's GPS with serial output a: good signal b: baring to the next way point c: how far to the next way point and then when get close to a waypoint, then turn on the camera, compass, and if no GPS use the wheel encoder. Need to give the motor controller a higher input to get it going at first starting. The camera is used to see the cone.  He uses a piece of traffic cone to calibrate the camera.

Tim showed the group's robot from parallax robot called the Scribbler Robot that was given to PARTS.  The Scribbler can draw if you put a pen in the robot, and has line sensors on the bottom, and can be programmed like LEGO robots or basic stamp programming.  See it on the web at

Pete talked about the next X-prize challenge, about solar car challenge, and then showed his encoder with 1024 positions product that is in the October issue of Servo magazine page 69, he also working on a differential encoder for a robot.

Some one I did not get the name mentioned about a mindstorm game to play, and then you can put this mindstorm game in the robot at web site or

Jonathan showed his prototype arm that has high tech newest servo that includes links motion arm for his robot that is 3 feet tall, and he also told that Japan's robot that are like his is for captainship robots. His robot is more functional.  He is working with the University of Portland on a robotic leg from the nee joint down.  They are also looking for a power electronics advisor.  He made the CAD drawings and had the aluminum arm parts made in Estacada from Northwest Technology Incorporated.

Paul talked about an Xscale board that he is working on with built in camera interface that runs Linux and he want to add Intel's vision software.

Mark & Roger showed their Robo-Megellan that uses a monster truck R/C chassis Apple's G4 laptop, apple camera, Garman's GPS with compass, and encoder that has a network connection laptops.  They are trying to get it to move with using the compass GPS.

The owner of Surplus Gismo had given away items for filling out a survey.  He is looking to put get more items on the web and sell new items along with surplus.

Monty Goodson then mentioned that next meeting would be nominations for elections of the next PARTS officers.