Portland Area Robotics Society

Regular Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2008, 10:30AM 


1.    Welcome Fred Stevens

2.    Show and Tell w/ Introductions

3.  December Line Maze Challenge


Line Maze Challenge  - Get your maze solving robots ready! 
The next line maze challenge will be held during  the March 2009 P.A.R.T.S. meeting


No Formal Presentation


Impromptu Discussion 

Aaron, a recent graduate from OSU, discussing OSU robotics programs.  Currently working on high level programming platform to allow robotics for Computer Scientists.

        Linux based embedded systems

        Wireless applications for multiprocessor controls

        Generic sensor interface sensor data logger


Show and Tell

1.      Monty Goodson December Line Maze Challenge

        December Line Maze Challenge Only 2 participants this month: Jeff Steidl and Monty Goodson

        Line Maze Table Top challenge - Available at every meeting for those who want to test their robots

        When is the next xahllenge?  March 2009

        Flying Maze Robot Does it fit within the rules? 

2.      Larry Ossowski Showed his current progress on 2 Line Maze Robots.: a first try and SRS Based Platform.

3.      Jeff Steidl Showed progress on a pololu 3Pi line maze solver robot.

4.      Scott Winnard Keep Portland Weird PARTS representation.  Robots were a big hit.

5.      Dirk Discussed a previous robot built for work.  Underwater Research Platform for Deep sea research.

6.      FreeGeek.org looking for BEAM robots for a terrarium in their store.

7.      Mike Surplus Gizmos Raw Ultransonic Sensors, Epson Circuit Boards.

8.      Donald Delmar Davis Mega Mouse, Tincy programmer (Paul).  Other AVR USB Products. Branching Arduino for USB Devices.

Dorkbots http://dorkbotpdx.org/

P.A.R.T.S. Line Maze Challenge 2008

The december Line Maze Challenge was held after the meeting.   There was lots of itnerest but only two woroking robots accepted the challenge and ran the maze.  Several memebers are actively working on line maze solving robots.  The Line Maze Challenge will be held again in March 2009 at the P.A.R.T.S. meeting.