Portland Area Robotics Society

Regular Meeting Minutes

July 5, 2008, 10:30AM 


1.    Welcome

2.  Presentation

            - Larry Barello's Motor Control Presentation from Seattle Robotics Society Meeting 6/21/2008

3.  Parts Direction

4.  Review Highlights from BotFest 08 and Outdoor Fest 08 

5.    Show and Tell


Motor Control Presentation Seattle Robotics Society Meeting 6/21/2008

Larry Barello


Authors Website http://www.barello.net/

Presentation Material - Motor Control, SRS 20080621.pdf

Parts Direction

Open discussion on future events supported by PARTS.

Areas discussed:


1.      What is the Future of PDXBot?

2.      What is the impetus for a PDXBot Event?

3.      What can the club take on?

4.      What are the members willing to take on?

5.      BotFest style competitor event.

6.      Insights from Atlanta Robot Club

7.      What alternatives are there for resources and who will run the next competition?

8.      Community Outreach Local Events: One day robot building challenge, DORKBots Arduino Cult Inductions.

9.      What Competitions are people working on?

10.  What competitions are people excited about?  What will drive robot building?

11.  Who is building robots in the club? 

12.  Indoor version of the outdoor challenge, who is interested?

Highlights from BotFest 08 and Outdoor Challenge 08

Topic was postponed for a future meeting. 


In the meantime, please visit www.portlandrobotics.org for details

Show and Tell