Portland Area Robotics Society

Regular Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2009, 10:30AM 


1.    Welcome – Fred Stevens

2.  Club Business

3.  Announcements

4.    Show and Tell

5.  Lunch at Blondies Pizza

Club Business

The annual meeting required by the PARTS Bylaws for the election of officers was not held last month.  The Election for 2010 club officers was held this month instead.  The Bylaws had been reviewed by Pete Skeggs and it was determined that the only club officers necessary are President and Secretary.  The Treasury Position will be retained by the President.

By unanimous vote of all members present the following people were elected.

PARTS President – Pete Skeggs

PARTS Secretary – Fred Stevens

PARTS Treasurer – Pete Skeggs

CONGRATUALTIONS to the 2010 PARTS executive team!


1.     A group of PARTS members are meeting every other week on Monday Nights at the Portland Techshop electronics lab in conjunction with Open Techspace.  These meetings are focused on a group project.  The project being worked on is Swarm Robot.  The idea is to develop a low entry level robot that can act as part of a greater whole or swarm with other robots designed in the same manner.  The group intends to develop a communication standard for inter-robot communication and minimal reference design from which anyone can build robot for the swarm.  If your interested, come check out the swarm……

Portland Techshop               http://portlandtechshop.com/

Open Tech Space                http://opentechspace.org/

PARTS Meeting                  http://opentechspace.org/2009/11/30/parts-meetings-at-techshop/

at Open Tech Space


2.     PARTS will be revamping the website to make it more friendly for electronics communication amongst the group.  The website will be modeled after Dorkbot PDX.  We will be migrating everything soon so check back……

Dorkbot PDX   http://dorkbotpdx.org/

PARTS            http://portlandrobotics.org/home.php?link_id=1


3.     Some great resources for news of robotics development and interesting stories



Show and Tell