Portland Area Robotics Society

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2009, 10:30AM 


1.    Welcome – Fred

2.    Show and Tell

3.  Lunch at Blondies Pizza

Show and Tell

Mark Gross – Brought and showed off his Line maze robot and talked about progress.  Has his PCB for the Teensey++ MCU.

Larry Ossowski  – Brought in a Pololu 3Pi bought on sake for $60.  He also showed off some Matrix LED Displays for Holiday animations next year.

Brett – LED Bike light.  He is building an oximeter.  Shine a Red LED and a IR LED through finger Photodiode on the other side.  Showed his tracked robot.

Steve – Showed a Jewel Thief Circuit.  Designing a business card for Maker Faire

Monty – OSU Having a competition in Mid May.

Ken Friberg – Discussed AIAA Conference on UAV’s. 

Paul Burrell – Report from FIRST Nationals in Atlanta

Jeff – Gave a report on his Compiler project – working on an assembler

Pete Skeggs – Ugobe (Pleo) Bankruptcy.  Wheel Commander.  Encoder products – Showed his new Unicoder which is based on hall effect sensors.  http://www.nubotics.com

Scott Winner – Beam Robots.  BEAM Mouse.  Solar array.  Domes from electronic Goldmine

Pete Skeggs – Since there is no PDXBOT for 2009, Pete proposed an Outdoor Challenge in August?