April 3, 2010

Beginner CTL: Monty reviewed basic electronics

Advanced CTL:

We had a pretty successful first try at the PARTS Indoor Challenge: four entrants.

Event #1: all four competitors gave it a try:
4th place: Brian with 23'4" short of the end
3rd place: Marc with 19.7' short
2nd place: Jeff with 11'5" short
1st place: Pete with 5' short

Event #2: no one was ready for obstacle avoidance; skipped

Event #3: three competitors made attempts; no one really finished,
though Jeff was declared winner as his made it back near the start
3rd place: Marc, DNF (did not finish)
2nd place: Pete, 24' (hit a building support column)
1st place: Jeff, 9'1" (did not round any corners)
The course turned out to be too large for the space. Next time we may go for a smaller square, maybe even in the meeting room.

Event #4: two robots made attempts, no one finished.