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PARTS Table Top Challenge 2010: September - December

This year's next indoor event, and a new event too.
Go here for the rules.

Level 1: September 4th Meeting - stays on a table
Robot moves around the table, but can detect the edge and stop itself from falling off; the table is one of the long narrow tables already in room 103.

Level 2: October 2nd Meeting - stays on the table, detects a block, and pushes it off
The nature of block is to be determined; we will specify color, weight, dimensions, and whether it emits a beacon, as well as beacon details.

Level 3: December 4th Meeting - stays on the table, detects a block, and moves the block into a goal
The nature of goal is to be determined; we will specify color, shape, dimensions, and whether it emits a beacon, as well as beacon details.

Level 4: January 8th Meeting - a competition between two robots, where each one can stay on the table, detect a block, and push the block into the correct goal
The goals and block are each colored differently and emit different IR pulse patterns; when your robot starts, the goal to your robot's right is your goal; your robot must detect which goal is theirs automatically.

PARTS Indoor Challenge 2010: April 3rd, 2010

This year's first indoor event, and a new event too.
Go here for the rules.

The specific course details for April 3rd, 2010 are:

Challenge Event #1 - Out and Back: distance 30 feet, in hallway outside of our meeting room (room 103).

Challenge Event #2 - Out and Back with Obstacles: same route, except an IR-opaque trash can will be in the way.

Challenge Event #3 - Square: 20 feet per side, in the atrium by the main entrance.

Challenge Event #4 - Dog-Leg: three, 70 foot long legs, starting outside the door to room 103, going 70 feet down the hall toward the atrium, turning left 90 degrees, going forward another 70 feet, turning left again 90 degrees, then another 70 feet down the hall towards the vending machines, ending just short of them. The only obstacles will be organic (people) and inorganic (walls).

All measurements are estimated from the first floor building plan, and may need to be changed by small amounts the morning of the event. So be prepared to make changes to your code!

Prizes will be awarded, by the judges' discretion, for whichever events have entrants that complete the event.

Previous Events:

BotFest 2008

This year's indoor event. Follow the yellow link in the left linkbar.

PARTS Outdoor Challenge 2008

This year's first outdoor event. We hope to hold a few of these each year from now on to promote the development and fun of outdoor navigating robots. Follow the yellow link in the upper left linkbar.


PDXBot is our own internationally famous Portland robotics show, featuring robot competitions, exhibits, vendors, raffles, and more. Held every other year and hosted by PARTS, it is run by PARTS volunteers. The next PDXBOT is not yet scheduled.


RoboGames is hosted by the San Francisco Robotics Society of America. This is a large event with many different types of robot competitions and exhibits.

Date: Thur-Sun, June 12-15, 2008

Where: Fort Mason, San Francisco


Robothon is hosted by the Seattle Robotics Society (SRS) usually toward the end of September. It's located at the Seattle Center which is right below the Space Needle in downtown Seattle. The 2008 event has been cancelled.

Keep Portland Weird festival

Come join us at this yearly event, held at the Central Library on SW 10th in downtown Portland (Oct 20?). It's a showcase of Portlanders' diverse, curious and bizarre interests, and the organizations for those folks. More info on their website: Keep Portland Weird