PARTS Mini-Sumo Robot Kit: Programming


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Programming the Basic Stamp I

Download Basic Stamp Editor Version 2.1 and Examples.

Stamp programs:

Servo Adjust Code - code for zeroing out the servos so they don't rotate when 1.50ms pulses are sent

PARTS Mini Sumo Mark II Code - for non-rotated servos and PARTS IR sensor board

PARTS Mini Sumo Code - for rotated servos and Sharp GP2D15 sensors


Programming the PARTS Mini-Sumo Robot

The PARTS Mini-Sumo Robot is programmable in a version of BASIC called PBASIC. PBASIC is not a full featured BASIC, but it is flexible and easy to use. You will need to review the BASIC STAMP's documentation from Parallax to learn all the commands and functions of PBASIC.

Note: The STAMP.EXE editor may not work well under Window's 95/NT. Exit Windows and run the editor from the DOS prompt.
There are 8 input/output pins connected to the BASIC STAMP 1. Each of the 8 pins can be designated as an input or an output.

This robot uses all 8 input / output pins:

Pin 0 - PIEZO Speaker = output
Pin 1 - LED1 = output
Pin 2 - LED2 = output
Pin 3 - SR Right Servo Connector (- = black wire) = output
Pin 4 - SL Left Servo Connector (- = black wire) = output
Pin 5 - IODR Right IR. Object Detector (+ = red wire) = input
Pin 6 - IODL Left IR. Object Detector (+ = red wire) = input
Pin 7 - CdS resistor detects light level = input


  last updated 2/25/2001